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“Hopsickle” by Moylan’s Brewery

ABV: 9.2%
Beer Advocate: A+
Seven: A+
Imperial Double IPA. 

Joe: Storm King Imperial Stout, Victory Brewing company
ABV: 9.10%
Beer Advocate A- joe/ A-

Christina: Somersault New Belgium
BA: B+
Christina: A
ABV: 5.20%

Ghostcrawler Talks Blizzard’s Interest in iOS Devices

Cataclysm to Hit China Next Month
July 12th. Netease will be host company.

Free Wow Keys Sent To Subscribers
-email- 1 month complete game, no trial restrictions

NCSU Uses World of Warcraft to Predict Player Behavior
North Carolina State University computer scientists have used World of Warcraft to develop a method for predicting player behavior, which they say is up to 80% accurate and could have applications for developers wanting to tailor future content toward player desires

Rob Pardo interview on G4

  • Popularity underestimated
  • Blizzcon almost didnt happen
  • Dealing with Activision (shelter dev team)
  • Blizz showing more human side

MegaBloks to make Warcraft and Starcraft 2 Construction sets
To debut Summer 2012

The Karazan Smiley Face Glitch

Duke Nukem Tribute to Leroy Jenkins

World of Warcraft Meets Final Fantasy
FF style encounter with Ony. Warlock pulls aggro immediately and dies.

Dev Q&A #10: Damage Dealing

Q: The new “assist” pet stance added in 4.2 would work very well with fire totems – is there any reason why totems were specifically excluded from that functionality? – Korghal (NA/ANZ)

A: We’d love to have Searing Totem use the new assist stance, but we felt it was too risky to just flip that switch without a great deal of testing.

Q: Will we ever see an in-game damage and healing meter to replace Recount? – Sinthìa (NA/ANZ), Hemodynamic (EU-EN)

A: We’d dearly love to do this, and it’s been something we’ve been working on, off and on for some time. The problem is that increasingly players place a really high and occasionally unhealthy emphasis on meters, and once there is an official Blizzard-supported meter, then that situation is only going to get worse.

Q: Are there any plans to reduce ramp-up times and RNG for certain specs? IE shadow orbs can not proc for quite a while sometimes, hindering our DPS. – Xista (NA/ANZ), Whitewnd (KR)

A: We generally introduce ramp-up time for two reasons. The first and most important is so players have a decision about when to switch targets. If there was zero cost for target swapping, then it would always be the right thing to do. We want to reward players, modestly, when they know when they should swap targets versus sticking with the original. The second issue is that ramp-up time helps us reduce burst in PvP.

Q: If encounters are not being designed with positional requirements and or other abilities (Shred, Backstab, Feral Charge on Al’akir, Killing Spree in general) in mind, why do we still have those requirements? It seems unfair in a competitive PvE environment to allow those very limiting requirements to exist if the encounters are going to be heavily punitive towards classes that have them. – Foxlore (NA/ANZ)

A: The main reason we have the positional requirement is to have a different vector along which to design abilities. It’s a way to make abilities different from each other, in the same way we have ranged attacks vs. melee attacks, instant spells vs. cast time spells and physical damage vs. magic damage.
Also consider that all melee should want to get behind a target, and it hurts all of their DPS when they cannot.
Now there are some encounters where the positional penalty is just too extreme. In 4.2 we have the ability to make the “back” of a boss encompass 240 degrees, and we have done so for bosses like Magmaw, Sinestra and Ragnaros. Furthermore, there are fights where Killing Spree and Feral Charge just kill you. That obviously isn’t acceptable. We have manually added some safeguards to try and manually solve a few encounters, such as Magmaw, but even that isn’t bulletproof and we are investigating more robust and global solutions. But it’s technically challenging given the diversity of our encounters.

Q: What do you consider when looking at whether a class is doing too much or too little damage? – Merovin (LA)

A: As you probably suspect, we have a simple counter that measures the number of forum posts on a given class and we buff or nerf accordingly.

Seriously though, we look at a lot of different measurements, which becomes the full-time job of several designers. Our three most powerful tools are doing predictive modeling for how classes will perform under various scenarios and with various levels of gear, actually testing these numbers using characters in the game world, and then measuring the numbers generated by actual players on PTR or live servers.

Ask Creative Development Answers
Lots of Lore Stuff

Epic Con Recap

WoW TCG update:

  • EpicCon
  • crafting -7 question
  • art -7 question

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