One of our hosts would like to apologize for not making it all the way through the show sober. On the other hand… this audible disaster does make for a whole lot of fun.

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“Parabola” by Firestone Brewing

ABV: 12.5%
Beer Advocate: A
Seven: A+
Oak aged Imperial Stout. 3k cases.

David: Finishing off the beer from two weeks ago…

Joe:  Wychwood Brewery Hobgolbin, English Brown Ale
5.20% ABV
Beer advocate B
Joe: A
Light brown color, nutty aromas (hehehe) Tastes like a sweet malt, best served room temp.

Christina: Ginger Bee
Crabtree Brewing, Greeley, CO
BA: B-
Christina: C

(Christina) Blizzcon Tickets Sell Out
Imagine that

Old Raid Changes in 4.2

  • Normal Raids to be Nerfed in 4.2
  • Normals to drop justice points, heroics to drop valor

(Thes) Blue Post: Bashiok: Evolving Raid Encounter Difficulty
“It’s always been our intent to offer new raid tiers in Cataclysm that are difficult to provide challenge to the raiding guilds, and then gradually allow older content to self-nerf as people gear up through VP, and then eventual literal nerfs to the content. That’s something we’ve been communicating for some time.

Burning Crusade swung the pendulum one way, and Wrath of the Lich King swung it back too far the other. We’re attempting to find that middle ground “

(Christina) Celestial Dragon Video
Reward for Littlest Pet Shop Achievement (150 pets)

Blue Post: Bashiok: Need Roll to make items Soulbound in 4.2

PVP: Ring of Valor Arena added back into Rotation with 4.2

(joe) The Key Ring says Goodbye.

  • keys which no longer serve a purpose in the game will automatically be removed from your inventory and you’ll be compensated for them with their respective vendor sell prices
  • Dead Quest keys will be removed
  • Useful keys weill be thrown into inventory

Chinese Labor Camp Prisoners Forced to Farm Gold (Joe)

(Thes) Guy Proposes to Girlfriend in WoW after pretending to break up with her

(joe) Scam Alert: 3-Day Ban Emails

Firelands Q&A
Q: A majority of T11 fights favored having little to no melee DPS. Will Firelands encounters fix this?
A: We see this to be more of a class issue than a role issue. Blah blah, PVP, we dont want to be hindered by set raid types… Yeah, there will be certain aspects of fights in firelands that will provide melee classes a chance to shine.

Q:Do we have any plans to include events similar to the Wrath Gate?
A: We have a short cinematic or two, but nothing on the scale of the Wrath Gate cinematic for 4.2.

Q: In Cataclysm, it has been hard to find unique raid mounts such as Siege Engines in Ulduar or Drakes in The Eye of Eternity. Can we expect to see battles using unique mounts or vehicles among the Firelands raids?
A: We were worried players might be suffering from a little bit of encounter vehicle fatigue. We’ll do it when it makes sense for an encounter, but we don’t want players to get sick of seeing fights on vehicles.

WoW TCG News: Aric Jack of Tucson & Cryptozoic volunteer of the year challenges Alexstrasza at NACC/Epiccon in “The Battle of the Moustache”. Three rounds. If Alexstrasza wins, Aric shaves his moustache. If I lose … I have to wear a moustache.

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  1. Hi, can you tell me the name of the opening song?

  2. And the intro/outro music used in the last two shows is by/from….?

    (I apologize a little if this has been mentioned during either show, didn’t hear in in #78 and haven’t had time to listen to #79 yet. Should be in show notes, so only a little, though. :)

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