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Totem Recall – The Warcraft Shaman roundtable featuring members of the WoW community.

The Raid Warning crew was proud to play host to some of the biggest names behind the Elemental, Enhancement, and Restoration specs. From class mechanics, ICC tips, PVP trick, to what’s in store for Cataclysm, they did their best to answer your questions.

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The brave souls appearing on this edition of Totem Recall:

Joe “Lodur” Perez of  WoW.com and World of Matticus

Rich “Stoneybaby” Maloy of WoW.com and Big Crits

Borsk of Borsked

Jhaman of Castaclysm

Pewter of MentalShaman

Binkenstein of WoW.com and Elitist Jerks

Masanbol of Elitist Jerks

Rouncer of Elitist Jerks

Vixsin of Life In Group 5

Juggynaught of Lorehound

Zing of Totemz

Charles of Planet of the Hats

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13 Responses to “The Warcraft Shaman Roundtable: Totem Recall”

  1. [...] Took part in recording the Raid Warning shaman round-table podcast on Sunday, getting up at a really early 7am to record it. I will admit I wasn’t completely awake for it, but it was fun. Hopefully it will air this week. [edit] And it’s already up! [...]

  2. [...] of early morning, late night, and mid-afternoon (depending on your time zone) recording, the Raidwarning.net, Shaman Round-Table (aka Totem Recall) is available for [...]

  3. [...] Also, check out RaidWarning’s Shaman Roundtable: Totem Recall. [...]

  4. What is the name of the song?

  5. [...] other news, check out Borsk on the Raid Warning Podcast  for the round table Shaman [...]

  6. So…I’d appreciate it if you had Vixsyn on the show again. Please.

  7. [...] Warning’s Shaman Round Table podcast “Totem Recall” was released last week.  The elemental segment took nearly two hours to record and it felt like we kinda rushed through [...]

  8. Awesome post, liked the fact that I could download the .mp3 and listen to it while traveling home.. like the depth of these conversation.

    Enhancement for the win!! Awesome Podcast.. gonna listen to more of your podcasts.

  9. [...] conclusion, we’ve lost Ancestral Swiftness. If the shaman round table podcast was anything to go by, many elemental players were really excited about this talent if ghost wolf [...]

  10. [...] can find full details of where to download the podcast here. Go and download it and show us some love guys! We hope you all enjoy! Categories: Shaman Round [...]

  11. [...] I was all to keen on. Back on the 13th of July I appeared on the podcast Raid Warning with their Shaman Roundtable. I had the opportunity to talk with some amazing members of the shaman community and share ideas. [...]

  12. [...] Swiftness will be amazing. On the recent Raid Warning shaman roundtable podcast, Rouncer and Juggy — two enhancers who I respect a lot — both emphasized the [...]

  13. [...] column, Pewter’s updates at The ‘mental Shaman or listened to the Raid Warning “Totem Recall” podcast will already know about TotemSpot.  For anyone who doesn’t or hasn’t [...]

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