Brian and Seven hold up in the studio with their beers, a ton of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm notes, and attempt to keep you up to speed on the latest happenings in WoW. Raid Warning is an obvious first choice in WoW news. And remember, just when you think it is safe to enjoy your cheese and wine, along comes the Cacodemon to scare the Ten Fidy out of you.

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“Contra” by Xample


“Ten Fidy” by Oskar Blues


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Path of the Titans Gone

  • meduim glyphs

Guild Talents Gone

  • 25 levels of extra bonuses
  • guild rewards
Archeology: Not So Cool
  • becomes a secondary profession
  • mostly cosmetic
Raids & Dungeons Split
  • Raid leaders will be able to split an ongoing 25-man raid into up to three 10-man raids. Those 10-man raids will be able to continue from that point on, with bosses already down.
  • You will be able to join any raid as long as it doesn’t have any bosses up that you have already killed.
Grim Batol Raid – Bastion of Twilight
  • Cho’gall as end boss, horrific secret on heroic
  • Entry lvl raid
  • 6 bosses, with algalon style optional boss
Skywall Raid
  • Al’akir end boss
  • Bosses will include a djinn, a storm dragon, and a lesser elemental lord
  • can use flying mounts
The Ogrim’s Hammer has crashed in the zone and the Skybreaker is still in the air. One of the questline will require you to find out what happened.
Heroic Deadmines / SFK
Old World Changes
  • The Park of Stormwind has been destroyed by Deathwing and the Dwarven District now hosts a Bank and an Auction House
  • Garrosh is the new Warchief and is located in the center of Orgrimmar, not in the Valley of Wisdom.
  • Goblins have their own area,
  • the Valley of Wisdom becomes a Tauren district,
  • and there is now a back gate leading directly into Azshara.

Misc things of note:

Wrath 1k quests, Cata 3k
Heirlooms to stop at 80, will be new heirlooms. Goblins/Worgen can use heirlooms
War Games Battleground Mode

Cataclysm Zone Changes Video

Talent Previews
Why Defense Went And Hit Stayed

Defense was a different beast because it was serving as a barrier to entry. Mages and hunters can run a dungeon just fine without being hit-capped. Sure their damage will be lower, but not so low that they can’t handle the content. Defense wasn’t designed the same way — a tank not at the defense cap risked dying on a boss fight and literally couldn’t handle the content

Media Interviews:

WoWhead sits down with Ghostcrawler:
  • The redesign of Cataclysm allows them to make tweaks to classes easier
  • Cross Account Achievements
World of Raids interviews Tom Chilton:
  • Deadmines and SFK in 4.1
  • Old dungeons will get minor tweaks, nothing huge
  • Molton Core ‘may’ be on the list for an Onyxia type overhaul since Ragnaros is a player in Cataclysm
  • No new CoT, but there will be a raid “War of the Ancients”
    • will be a ways after release
    • is progression content towards the Deathwing fight
  • Mount Hyjal will have 11 or so phases
  • a lot of the new zones will take use of phasing for story purposes
  • plans for another PVP battleground with a new style of play
  • shorter raid lockouts discussed for smaller raids, but not being worked on
  • All of the zones will be for leveling. We’re going to avoid another Icecrown where people got to 80 before experiencing all of the leveling content. While Hyjal and Vahsj’ir are optional in that you can do one or the other, Uldum, Deepholm and Twilight Highlands will all be part of the leveling experience.”

GamePlanet interview with Ghostcrawler:

  • Paths may come around someday, but after they tried to simplify it, it pretty much boiled down to ‘make glyphs cooler’
  • medium glyphs will be more ‘situational’ in effect
  • So the new glyph UI is designed more about collecting all the glyphs for your character and storing them there. Any time you want to switch glyphs you can just use that. Glyphs are now permanent.
  • We’re going to focus inscription on more of the non-glyph aspect of the trade skill. So, Darkmoon Faire cards, trinkets, offhand items, things like that.
  • Reforging works by going to an NPC
  • Guild Levels/Achievements will be based on a set # of contributors.
  • Guild rep will reset when you change guilds
GamePlanet interview with Cory Stockton
  • Phasing can now be more player based
  • Exodar has a direct port to Stormwind
  • Darnassus is going to get a small Worgen district because Worgen are the new Druid-like race for the Alliance
  • Westfall gets a 95% overhaul. All new quests.
  • SFK and Deadmins will be lvl 85 Heroics
  • Stratholme, Scholomance and Diremaul may be revamped as patches
  • CoT may get a new instance/raid between 4.1-4.3
  • They want PVP Chaos in Tol Barad much like Isle of Quel’Danas
  • we’re looking into 3D targeting, doing outlines around characters so that you can tell how far they are from you, things like that
  • they want the last 2 or 3 days prior to launch to be chaos, the plague times 10.


iTunes – “Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman?” by Jimseg (5 stars)

Nope, just Seven talking about poultices and tinctures and dirty brown water. And that was just the first 10 minutes! This is a great podcast I cant listen to at work anymore due to my laughing. Probably the only thing that would make it better would be more bass.

iTunes Aussie – “Best Episode Ever” by AetherWat (5 stars)

The best episode i have ever listened too. #45. An opinionated wow news cast with a pair of hosts that have chemistry “wink wink”. no furry porn please.
iTunes Canada – “Awesome Podcast” By McShaeve (5 stars)

Love the podcast, The Drunkeness of the hosts makes for hilarious situations. Where can I find out what songs you guys play at the beginning of the show.

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