Beer and caffeine and not a lot of WoW news equals episode 36. You’ll love it… or we’ll send in Danny Glover. Shh… just explosions.

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Intro Song:

“Kill City”

by Hybrid

album: Wide Angle


“Dubbel” by Westmalle

ABV: 7.0%

Beer Advocate: A-


Blizzcon Announced:

oct 22-23rd Anaheim Convention Center

Warcraft TCG Signed Over to Cryptozoic

“Having been fully involved with the development of the World of Warcraft TCG from day one, I’ve always been passionate about taking it into the future,” said Cory Jones, Cryptozoic’s President and Chief Creative Officer, and formerly Blizzard Entertainment’s lead business and development liaison for the TCG.

The first product release from Cryptozoic will be the Wrathgate boosters in May followed by the Class Decks in June.

Operation Gnomeregan / Recapturing Echo Isles

Players of all levels will be able to take part in some form or another. We’ll have more details for you as we get a little closer to the event. (Source)

Cataclysm Prologue – Gnomeregan and the Echo Isles

Patch 3.3.3 introduced a lot of data for the prologue, or at least a part of it. If you checked the site when the patch was first release you already know that players will be able to recapture Gnomeregan (Alliance) and the Echo Isles (Horde).

  • overcloaks
  • flightpaths
  • mechano tanks

Overgearing Encounters:

We give classes a lot of tools and when half of those tools (to exaggerate) aren’t ever used, then classes feel shallow. Not every pull will require CC, but more of them will than today. (Source)

US First Lich King (10) Heroic Kill by Adept + Video

On March 15, Adept (US – Dreadmaul) claimed the US first kill of the Lich King in 10-man heroic mode. Congratulations to them!

World first Shadowmourne by Juggernaut

A few minutes ago, Modk, a Death Knight Juggernaut (US-Mal’ganis) was the first player to complete the questline to rebuild the legendary Shadowmourne. Congratulations to one lucky DK, and a very supportive guild!

Ex World of Warcraft crew at Red5 Studios gets $20 million investment

kern, the9, netease

New Service Lets Gamers Pay To Play With Girls

For $US8.25 ($8.99) Players get 500 credits, which is enough for one game (400 credits) and a 100 credit tip at the end.

I’m a huge nerd. I play video games, read, watch bad movies, have a zombie plan, etc etc.. I’ve got an awful morbid sense of humor. I have a nice smile and eyes I guess as a positive point if you’re into that.

I’m looking for someone similar. I’ll be on WoW tonight ;p If you want to chat email me maybe we can start some alts together. ;p

  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

lolwut? – 5 Star by Serma US iTunes

Not many people can pull off a podcast about nothing, Brian and Seven work well together, Brian provides the mockery while Seven provides the feminine perspective. Wait….Seven’s a guy? But he has no bass whatsoever. Fine whatever, its a good podcast, listen to it.

I’m dreaming of you – 5 Star by Knock on Area 52. US iTunes

I fall asleep the sound of your melodious voices. Love it.

Here Comes Alaska – 5 Star by Kainar on Sen’jin Canadian iTunes

Go West for Prime Pepper Plantations

SIIIIIKKKKK – 5 Star by by be ball3 Canadian iTunes

You Guys are Awesome and Amazing. I would recommend this fail at the english language to anyone who is remotely interested in swords. These guys server 5 stars at all costs. They hit some good points and some low points, but overall it tops the charts in manliness. even despite Seven’s whimpers. Hope you guys keep producing.

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  1. Love the show guys, keep up the good work. As a fellow WoW player and hop head I’d like to recommend Mikkeller from Denmark. Although I’m swedish I shouldn’t….

  2. Thanks guys – once again the show makes the workday fly by. I bet there’s a disclaimer somewhere absolving GameCrush of any responsibility should phone numbers be exchanged / motels booked / services rendered..etc. after the ‘playdate’.

  3. Pimp ass show. Keep it up.

  4. If you’re more into the ‘tripel’ than into the ‘dubbel’ you might prefer this one:
    It’s sweeter (honey-like?) than the Westmalle though ;)

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